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Headshok Maintenance and Repair
(under construction, always...)

I have recently been supplied a Cannondale Shop Manual (same one a dealer used) by j.mical! This is a pre-1998 manual that covers ever headshok produced until 1997 (including 1997). This is a great piece of technical data! Much thanks for the contribution to the community!. You can download it in the manual archive.

I have recently had a flood of emails regarding what to do about old Headshoks. The biggest problem is replacement parts, as you probably already know. Headshoks are such a tiny market share of the overall mountain bike retail market that no one cares about making parts from them. Then you are hit with parts obsolecense issues. To older Cannondale owners you are stuck with what to do. I'll be building a page soon that lists the options I currently know of for owners of older frames. Check back in the next couple weeks to see what I get put together. Till then please email, I generally will respond within 48 hours unless it's a weekend or holiday.

After about three years I decided to try and update this website some. The story is that I no longer own a cannondale and probably never will again, at least not a headshok equiped one. My own bike I had replaced it with an ordinary fork using one of the CLC Adapters, which IMHO worked much better. However the CLC Concept page is no longer there.

I believe this website is a great asset to many people, hence the reason it is still up. I myself now maintain/own a mountain bike website so all my time is devoted to it (http://www.Hcor.net). I still have an open invitation for anyone that would like to take this page over, but keep it here at this URL.

Headshok Accessories! Yes they do exist, companies other than Cannondale that make aftermarket accessories for Headshoks. Sometimes the parts are hard to find. I've been searching the net to find these parts. Visit my accessories page to get all the information.

Ever wondered how to take apart and repair your Headshok yourself, can't never seem to find anyone that can tell you anything, nor find anything on the web about it? So have I! Once I found out through numerous sources how these shocks work I decided to share the wealth!

Here I will explain how to remove, install, tear down, repair, and maintain a Cannondale Headshok. Pictures will document everything along with written explanations.

We have all heard of the tools that Cannondale makes to work on HeadShok's that are only available through your local bike shop. I have found pictures of these tools for you to look at here. I myself have taken the dimensions from the Shoks and these pictures to make what tools I need to work on the shock. NOTE: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view all the manuals I have on this page.

If you notice some information on here that is incorrect or have any tips you think should be added, please send them my way! brady@fastglass.net

Full archive of all the manuals Cannondale has on their site related are contained on this site as well. Click here to take a look at them.

Thanks to everyone that has and is contributing to this site!
For information on other forks and shop visit my other site where we have an interactive forum!

Last Updated Wednesday, March 03, 2012